Things you should know about leucorrhoea treatment in India

Most of the time, this is normal and does not require any medical attention. It is not leucorrhea and there is no need for anytreatment for leucorrhoea. It’s happening depends upon the menstrual cycle and can change in amount and color, which is caused by situations like breastfeeding, ovulating, or when sexually aroused. The bad odor can vary depending upon the level of cleanliness and hygiene kept by the subject.

When to worry about the white discharge- If the discharge is different from normal in terms of color, smell or consistency and also there is vaginal itching and burning sensation in the vagina, then it might be due to the infection and other bad conditions.
The reasons of White Discharge –

The main reason of painful and problematic white discharge is the disbalance of the good bacteria in vagina which gives birth to issues like smell, color and itchiness. The main reasons for this are –
a. Antibiotic and use of steroid
b. Bacterial infection in pregnant women or who have more than one sexual partner
c. Birth control pills
d. Diabetes
e. Yeast infection
f. Sexually transmitted infection
g. Cervical cancer
h. Vaginal antrophy

These are some of the reasons which cause this issue in women. Though most women try to tackle this situation with home remedies, it is not the best method to deal with the infection. The reason behind this is the inability of these remedies to remove the bacteria.
Leucorrhoea treatment in India:

If you live in India then you surely know the benefits and importance of natural herbs and natural treatment methods. For those, who don’t know it, the natural method of treatment is one of the best methods to deal with the creepy issues in most soothing and easy manner. Besides, the natural treatment emphasize on removing the cause rather than suppressing the symptoms. So when it comes to natural treatment for white discharge, there is no such medicine to do this as Ladycare capsule. The medicine is the invention of Hashmi pharmacy who is one of the oldest and reliable manufacturers of natural medicines in India.

Ladycare capsule is the true mate of women. It removes all the issues of white discharge problem with ease in due time. The medicine directly works to balance the hormone levels and removes the infection in the vagina. It also helps in maintaining the amount of good bacteria which in turns help in treating the issues like bad odor, itchiness and pain. The medicine not only cures the issue in present time but also helps in the prevention of white discharge related problems in future. The medicine has stand out as the natural leucorrhoea treatment in India which is safe and result oriented at the same time. Due to the natural herbs, the medicine does not put any other bad impact on the body as well. So, all those ladies, who are looking for the right information and right treatment method, can go for Ladycare capsule without hesitation.

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The Wisdom Of Herbal Synergy

James Duke served on the U.S. Department of Agriculture for some three decades and has lived with numerous primitive peoples and worked on assignments that related to crop diversification, medicinal plants, and energy plant studies in many developing countries. His online botanical database is one of the most widely consulted databases in the world. He believes that one of the keys is to combine herbs. Instead of using just one, even if it is as good as garlic, research has been quite clear in proving that mixtures of antifungal herbs almost always work better than just one single herb alone. The synergy created when antifungal herbs work together has been demonstrated in numerous studies. In a test of ten plant species whose oils were antifungal, researchers observed that combinations of antifungal essential oils increased their activity a great deal. A similar study showed that all the oil combinations had an increased antifungal potency over individual oils.

In a world where fungal strains can morph into so many pleomorphic forms and life stages, the use of a variety of herbs is especially important. However, a powerful role for doctor’s medications is also acknowledged by Duke. He shows how to use herbs and mediation together if necessary. Many pharmaceutical “magic bullet” antifungals are currently more potent than herbal approaches. When people have bad fungal infections, these “magic bullet” antifungals are used. However, even then these pharmaceutical antifungals are often combined with herbs to give oneself an additional antifungal boost. If your doctor agrees, be sure to try this next time you have a fungal infection to see just how well synergy can work for you.

One of the main herbs James Duke recommends is garlic. He believes that ajoene, a chemical constituent of garlic, is almost as effective against mildew fungus as many other pharmaceutical antifungals. Many studies have shown results that support this belief. At a time when more and more Americans are discovering that fungal conditions are linked with a wide range of maladies such as cholesterol problems, diabetes, and cancer, Duke has a variety of recommendations for herbal remedies to use.

The main reason fungi and the illnesses they produce are becoming well known is due to the pervasive flooding that has recently occurred throughout many regions of this country. Black mold growth in water-logged homes quickly leads to the production of mycotoxins. The inhalation and skin of these fungal toxins can cause serious emotional and physical symptoms. On a more mundane level, athlete’s foot, vaginal yeast infections, jock itch, candida, and fungal toenail infections are also fungal problems that occur very frequently. These common fungal problems may be well cared for through an herbal approach. Even the most urbane shopper can have a tough time gathering these same herbs on their own, testing their patience, endurance, and budget. Some stores may have one and not the other herb or nutrient and when they are purchases separately, the cost can be excessive. However, with this in mind, Duke’s book is still a wonderful educational tool that should be found in every home. His book can be found at your local book store or vitamin store.

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Lung Cancer Articles

With all the hype about smoking-related diseases, it is amazing to me that more people don’t read articles about lung cancer. There are tens of thousands of articles on lung cancer available, but not a single one has penetrated the general public consciousness. If they had, people with lung cancer would not be stigmatized. As it stands, having lung cancer is a double sentence. Not only do you have to suffer – and perhaps die – from a horrible disease, but you have to be face criticism for being a smoker or former smoker. This is despite the fact that many of the victims of lung cancer are not smokers. Any article on lung cancer will tell you this, but no one listens.

Although treatments for cancer have improved dramatically in recent years, and survival rates cancer are better than ever before, lung cancer is still a death sentence to many. It is one of the most vicious kinds of cancer, and if it is not caught early, the prognosis is dim. The problem is that, according to many of the articles on lung cancer, it is a very difficult disease to catch in time. Many of the signs are hard to detect until the disease has progressed to an advanced age. Once you have stage three cancer, it is often too late. You might not know that you are sick until you are too sick to be saved. And even where the signs are obvious, no one is informed. So few people are aware of the information in the articles on lung cancer that lack of public awareness is probably every bit as responsible for the high mortality rate as the cancer is.

The good news is that it is easy to find articles on lung cancer. I had an acquaintance who came down with the disease, and he has made every effort to share all the articles on lung cancer he has with his friends. He has actually made it a sort of personal crusade. He figures that, by encouraging more people to read articles on lung cancer, he increases the chance that they will catch it in time if they ever come down with it. He has found out what so many people find out too late: knowledge is power. Lack of the right information is one of the leading contributing factors to an early death. Please, read some articles on lung cancer. They just might save your life.

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Breast Cancer Surgery – the Basics

The breast cancer surgery is done to make sure that the cancerous tissue is removed and make sure that the breast is saved by removing the malignant tissue. The aim is to remove the unwanted growth of the tumor while it is localized which means that the tumor has not spread itself throughout the breast.

As far as types of breast cancer surgery goes there are several types of breast surgery and the doctor in consultation with you will decide the best surgery possible. Mostly the decision to go with one type of surgery versus the other is taken because of the medical needs. There are various factors that decide what surgery is the best course of action like the size of the tumor, the location of the tumor and the type of breast cancer.

In most ideal case the surgeon will recommend the lumpectomy which means that the cancerous tissue is removed along with the surrounding normal tissue to stop the growth of the tissue in its tracks.

Then there is partial mastectomy whereby a larger part of the breast tissue is removed along with the surrounding normal tissue. The third kind is the mastectomy where the entire breast is removed. This is done to prevent the cancer from spreading to the lymph nodes. In some cases the breast along with the lymph nodes are removed and this is known as modified radial mastectomy.

In all the cases there is follow up radiation therapy to treat the removing breast tissue and also there is post recuperative recovery period stay ion the hospital for some period of time. That period of time is two or three days in case of complete mastectomies.

The breast cancer surgery can be followed up by the breast reconstructive surgery which is known as augmentation mammaplasty or in simple terms the breast augmentation.

Make sure to consult your surgeon for any side effects because of the follow up radiation therapy. Also if you need to undergo reconstructive surgery then make sure that you get medical advice as there may be cases where reconstructive surgery may not be possible immediately.Some surgical shops are out there to make money and will go at any length to get you as a patient in complete disregard to medical advice. So make sure to get all help and consultation before tou decide on the course of action.

Breast cancer surgery can be very tough on an emotional level to handle so make sure that you have your relatives and friends with you to tide over the tough times.

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Natural Healing Center in the Philippines Offers Affordable Therapy That Works!

If you have been looking for natural therapy to cure a chronic health problem, then the Ananda Marga Wellness Center in Cebu, Philippines could be just what you have been searching for. This institution has been hailed as South East Asia’s “only affordable in-patient naturopathy healing center” and is well worth examining.

The center uses yoga and natural therapy to address a variety of health issues including problems relating to body weight, stress and the internal organs. But the center is not confined to this specialization and has helped people suffering from acidity, arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, cysts and tumors, mild depression, heart trouble, hemorrhoids, blood pressure, joint pains, cholesterol, kidney and gallbladder problems, liver debility, sinusitis, skin disease and ulcer. It has also dealt with cases of obesity, acne, menstrual complications, and physical and mental weakness.

How does it work?

In case you are wondering how the center goes about treating such illnesses it is useful to look at the special approach that is followed there. Unlike other medical systems, yoga-natural therapy does more than address the symptoms of health problems. It eliminates the root of illness, which is primarily due to inappropriate eating and thinking habits that cause toxins and stress to over-accumulate in the body. It uses a number of easy-to-follow systems to facilitate the body’s cleansing. These are prescribed according to individual needs and include the following:

* a delicious cleansing diet of easily digestible alkaline food (usually only fruits and vegetables, in some cases only juices), freeing the digestive system from its normal burdens

* a unique Super Herbal Detox, superior to the world’s leading colon cleansers, which first absorbs toxins from your digestive system, and then from your entire body

* exercise options including gentle yoga exercise for the glands and nerves, brisk walking, aerobic dance, and active games

* hot and cold water treatments, mud packs, colema colon cleansing, massage-bubble-bath and sun andoil baths to relax stressed nerves, eliminate toxins and tone-up exhausted internal organs

* water-drinking system, to cleanse toxins daily and to invigorate whole body

* mental exercises or meditation (including deep relaxation and visualization) to convert stress into calm positivism

* entertaining and educative activities which also help to overcome stress and disease

The Center and its staff

The Center is a 100% positive and relaxing environment within a unique 22-room dome building, located in a small village. Including a small garden and grass playing-field, the total atmosphere is soothing to the senses.

I have been an Ananda Marga meditation teacher for nearly 40 years and have specialized in yoga therapy for much of that time. Working with me are other skilled natural health experts including Dr. Romy Paredes, Cebu’s leading alternative-medicine doctor, whose practices include homeopathy, acupuncture, chelation therapy for cleansing heavy metals, and Ayurvedic medicine.

Students, not patients

At our center you are termed a “student,” not a “patient.” Because of this approach, you will leave for your home equipped with the experience and know-how of an all-around completely healthy lifestyle. Our goal is not only to provide you with immediate relief of your problems but to equip you with the knowledge that will allow you to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

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3 Uncommon Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

Every woman should consult their doctor at least once a year to screen themselves for breast cancer. This is because statistics have shown as many as 12 percent of women will develop the disease. It is simply a common occurrence for women. You can really save your own life if you diagnose it early.

Here are 3 risk factors you did not know that can cause you to have this cancer.

Exposure to estrogen for a long time

What is estrogen? Estrogen is the female hormone which determines your women qualities, roughly speaking. Estrogen exists in every female.

But there is a strong connection between breast cancer and the estrogen hormone. Estrogen levels rise during a girl’s puberty and decrease tremendously when she hits menopause. The problem is, the longer a women’s breasts are exposed to estrogen, the higher her risk of developing the cancer. Therefore, doctors have concluded that women who have started to menstruate at an early age of 12 are more likely to have the cancer. The same goes to women who have menopause at a late age, 55 for example.

If a woman uses hormonal birth control for a period of 5 years or longer, she is at risk too.

Alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol automatically increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. Any females who think they are at risk can instantly reduce their worries by stopping their alcohol intake.

Obesity and not eating right

Did you know that animal fat can increase your risk? Being overweight also makes a person more likely to have breast cancer.

But there is a strong connection between breast cancer and the estrogen hormone. Estrogen levels rise during a girl’s puberty and decrease tremendously when she hits menopause. The problem is, the longer a women’s breasts are exposed to estrogen, the higher her risk of developing the cancer. Therefore, doctors have concluded that women who have started to menstruate at an early age of 12 are more likely to have the cancer. The same goes to women who have menopause at a late age, 55 for example.

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Yeast Infections – Easy to Cure

The human body is covered with yeast. This, however, does not cause an infection in most cases as the skin is an excellent barrier against yeast infections. However, in certain cases yeast infections do occur. This can happen when there are nicks, cuts, or abrasions. This is especially so if the cut is in an area that is moist or damp and warm. Yeast survives an multiplies well in these conditions.

Each has its own treatment course. Treating yeast infection is easy in most cases as there are a host of medications available. Some are over the counter medications, though it is always advisable to consult a doctor before taking them. The medications are of two types, though both work by weakening the yeast wall and thereby killing the yeast by causing it to leak. To treat yeast infection doctors employ either azoles or polyene antifungals.

Systemic infection is what you should take care of. While you are into this infection, the yeast enters the blood stream and harm the body to a great extent. A systematic infection is something that needs an immediate medical attention. The doctor will prescribe some strong medicines including the IV medication. People with AIDS, diabetes and cancer are more prone to the same. Pregnancy, sperm, and menstruation are some other factors responsible for yeast infction.

The availability of the over the counter yeast infection medications should not deviate us from seeing a doctor. This recommendation becomes even stronger in the case of pregnant women, babies and elderly people. A cheesy white discharge from the vagina indicates the presence of yeast infection. Thrush is a condition in which yeast infection occurs in the mouth. A thick, lacy, white formation on a red base in the mouth or tongue is generally seen in an oral thrush. Dehydration is something that you should keep in mind while you are experiencing an oral thrush. This is because swallowing is made almost impossible in such cases. Hence, the patient tends to avoid eating and drinking. If anything like this happens, you should immediately contact the doctor.

Nappy rashes demand the cleanliness and the dryness of the affected area. Changing the nappies frequently and using the barrier cream will prevent the yeast infections.

There are a wide variety of treatment options available to treat yeast infections. These include creams, lotions, pills, troches (lozenges), and vaginal suppositories. It is best to consult a doctor who will recommend a particular course of treatment after taking your individual condition into consideration. Most doctors recommend creams to be applied to the vagina for a vaginal infection and lozenges for thrush. Babies have fewer options than adults when it comes to thrush. Please do let your doctor know that you are pregnant if you are. Your treatment will vary accordingly.

The generally duration for yeast infection is a week or two. However, if it does not end, then contact a doctor. People with AIDS, diabetes, or cancer are more prone to this. They are especially vulnerable to systemic infections and need to be more careful than others. In any case every one should visit a doctor in case they have fever, chills, vomiting, nausea, or abdominal pain. These are all symptoms of a systemic infection that can affect the blood stream or kidneys and which can be fatal. Please do not take these symptoms lightly.

The bottom line is to keep the body clean and dry, especially around some of the cuts and abrasions. For babies, keep them dry and clean. Use barrier cream and change nappies frequently. For people who use dentures, they should clean their mouth along with the dentures. This will keep thrush at bay. If there happen to be thrush in babies, mothers breast will have to be examined by the doctor.

Patients with low immunity levels should take particular care to ensure that they do not get a systemic infection as this can some times prove fatal. If you suspect a systemic infection, please do rush the patient to a hospital for prompt and aggressive medical care. This is a must to ensure the survival of the patient.

If the infection happens to recur time and again, it might point to some deadly diseases like AIDS. Hence, get a thorough medical diagnosis done.

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The Growing Concerns on Cell Phone Cancer

There are at least over a hundred million people who have started using cell phones by the end of the 19th century. With this growing number, the number of cell sites and satellites to provide for the growing need of good reception has expanded at an enormous rate. But with this rapid growth in technology, serious matters regarding electromagnetic exposure and radiation are coming to light.

There was an issue a long time ago that popped up regarding a man who claimed that his wife developed brain tumor because of radio frequency being emitted by cell phones. Of course, there was no evidence to back up this far fetched claim. His wife’s cell phone habits were not extraordinary, so the case was dropped two years after. But this started a wave of panic and hysteria. Were cell phones actually dangerous things that shouldn’t be kept around? Was there truth to this cancer scare?

The concern stems from the fact that cell phones emit RF or radio frequencies, which is a type of electromagnetic energy located in the spectrum of FM radio waves and microwaves. The intensity of exposure usually varies from person to person since factors like the duration of use of the cell phone, the location of the person from the base station and the model of the cell phone changes.

Naturally, any person that lives near or is in the range of a base station would be bombarded by radio frequencies. And older modeled cell phones would emit a much larger quantities of these radio waves compared to the newer ones. But still, there is no link that can be found at all. Most brain tumor patients, would claim, that they had lower hours of cell phone usage compared to the normal people. Nor was there any relation to the side of brain that grew a tumor in connection to where the cell phone was mostly placed on.

No study has ever given a clear link between cancer and cell phone radio frequencies. Though it is said that radiation can cause cancer, the amount it emits is not enough to cause panic. And the use of cell phones are something that causes more benefits than harm. Why would you want to throw away your cell phone for a half-baked truth about cancer?

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What Are Digestive Enzymes Used For?

Human beings need digestive enzymes to survive, just as they need water, air, and food. Digestive enzymes help the body to reformulate foods consumed each day into usable bi-products that nourish the various components located in cell structures, tissues, and every organ. How the human body uses those enzymes depends on individual lifestyles and medicinal needs.

Some people are lactose intolerant and cannot consume any dairy products that contain milk and milk bi-products. These people would find a digestive enzyme such as lactase to be helpful in breaking down the sugars produced naturally in milk products. After that process is complete, the person is able to consume a large variety of milk products with no ill effect.

For people that suffer from diabetes and have a mild problem with weight gain, they would benefit twofold by taking a digestive enzyme such as sucrose, which removes sugars and starches from the body. Further weight loss help could be found by taking the digestive enzyme lipase, because it has the capability to break down fats found in natural nuts, meat, and creams and milk products.

People that suffer from irritable bowel syndrome would find great benefit in the digestive enzyme called fructooligosacchaides. This jewel of a digestive enzyme promotes the growth of intestinal microbes that keep the intestinal tract operating efficiently. This enzyme is also a watchdog against any microbes that are within the intestinal tract that cause the irritable bowel maladies to occur.

People prefer to take digestive enzymes because they are so versatile. Some are created to treat a specific ailment and others are used to treat a large grouping of actions with one dose. People are able to pick and choose among many choices of digestive enzymes and find the exact dosage combination that is needed on any given day. For an overall boost to the autoimmune system, some people find that the lysozyme is helpful because it controls infections in the body and attacks viruses. This digestive enzyme would prove very useful for patients recovering from any type of surgery and those that are stricken with the HIV/Aids virus.

Digestive enzymes are used to promote good health and also help to improve the bodys processing of nutrients found in the foods that are consumed each day. Many medical practitioners use digestive enzymes to treat medical disorders. The curative powers of digestive enzymes are limitless. Any type of bacteria overgrowth can be battled down to put the odds in the patients favor. People that suffer from pancreatic cancer can gain some medical benefit from these enzymes as well as patients that are diagnosed with Crohns Disease or Cystic Fibrosis.

Many digestive disorders can be treated with digestive enzymes. People can find treatments for ulcers, and acid reflux complexities by using one or more digestive enzyme mixtures. Digestive enzymes are safe to use but minimal side affects can be expected. Health enthusiasts have encountered side effects such as stomachache and hypoglycemia while the body adjusted to the transition of using digestive enzymes for better health.

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Penis Care and Protection – Boosting Penile Health with Vitamin D

The skin that surrounds the penis is a bit like the plastic wrapper on a candy bar: It keeps the product inside fresh and protected from the elements, and if the wrapper is attractive enough, a consumer might be persuaded to give that product a closer inspection. Keeping that skin healthy should be at the top of any man’s penis health priority list, and Vitamin D could play a key role. Unfortunately, the average guy might not be getting enough of this element to meet his needs, unless he adds a supplement.

Basking in the Benefits
Producing Vitamin D is relatively easy: Men can just bare their arms to the bright sunshine for about 30 minutes twice each week. The golden rays pierce the upper layers of the skin and all of the chemical reactions take over from there. No thought, movement or action is needed at all.

Modern men might not feel comfortable stripping down to the waist and lolling about in the sunshine without sunscreen, however, as skin cancer has been tied to excessive sun exposure. It’s a dangerous problem, and as a result, many men have been coached to slather on sunscreen each and every time they leave their homes when the sun is present, and those products can block Vitamin D production. Additionally, some men live in climates in which the sun just doesn’t show up for weeks on end. As a result, men might have a deficiency of this vitamin, and their penile skin could pay the price.

When vitamin levels are running low, the body has to make key decisions about where to apply the supplies it does have, and the penis might lose out in these equations. Vitamin D is needed for vital structures, including the bones and the heart, and the body might choose these systems over the skin on a regular basis. In time, if the deficiency continues, a man might have a flaky, unresponsive tool due to this lack of nutrition.

Adding a Supplement
Since Vitamin D is so important to human health, it’s been added to all sorts of products, including:

* Tofu
* Orange juice
* Cereal
* Vitamin pills
* Milk

These supplemental items can add a Vitamin D punch to almost any diet, but they might not provide the most direct route to penile health. After all, these substances must also work their way through the digestive tract, and they might also be diverted to other body systems at almost any point in the process. Oral supplementation can also be dangerous for people who hope to ensure robust health by loading up on vitamins.

Vitamin D is fat soluble, meaning it doesn’t tend to leave the body with ease. People who load up on the vitamin by taking mega-doses on a regular basis could end up with too much, and they could develop serious health problems as a result. In fact, people who take in huge amounts of oral Vitamin D could develop calcium deposits in their blood. It’s a rare side effect, but it’s certainly possible for people who go overboard with the vitamins on a regular basis.

Sliding to Good Health
A topical application of Vitamin D allows men to put the nutrition right where it’s needed most, and the risk of overdosing with a topical cream is incredibly small. The body just doesn’t tend to absorb toxic amounts of vitamins through the skin, so applying the products topically seems to provide the safest route to robust health.

A penis health creme fortified with Vitamin D (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains all of the nutrition a man needs for robust penis health, and it’s fun to apply. A small amount can just be rubbed into the skin of the penis after a warm bath or shower. Good health never felt so good, and a penis health creme can make it all happen.

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